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The Mortgage Calculator

When contemplating the purchase of a house via a mortgage facility, a major concern for most people is thoughts about how the principal repayment and interest portion would be calculated – this is in fact a valid prerequisite to be considered before making the decision to buy a home.

Calculating these figures off the top of one’s head can be cumbersome, if not near impossible, hence the introduction of the Mortgage Calculator. The MC assists in providing a swift response to all your repayment questions.

The MC is basically used to estimate the payment on a proposed mortgage. It is advisable that it be used before signing off the dotted lines on a mortgage loan agreement so that the borrower is fully aware of the commitments that lie ahead. Whilst your mortgage partner (Primary Mortgage Bank) may give you a moratorium, knowing how to use the MC helps the customer in confirming the figures advised.

However, the mortgage calculator can also be used for other purposes which include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. If there is any desire or reason to want to fast-track your loan repayment, the mortgage calculator comes in handy, giving an estimate of the new repayment plan and figures.
  2. With the Mortgage calculator, you can find out, midway through paying down your mortgage, the number of payments made and the number of payments remaining.
  3. If the mortgage loan you have taken is on an adjustable-rate agreement, the mortgage calculator helps to show how many percentage points your interest rate increases/decreases after a pre-determined period.


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