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Short Term Loan

Have access to loan to support your temporary personal or business capital need.

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Outright Purchase Mortgage

Get a personal loan that helps meet your funding needs for rent payments.

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I VAL Mortgage loan

Loan designed to help developers for collection of their receivables and corporate organizations administer mortgage facilities to their employees.

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Construction Finance

This is a loan for estate developers and corporate entities. This helps the financial institution pay for the construction of their property and flexible payments with guided features are given.

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Construction Mortgage

This product is strictly for individuals. This mortgage is given for completion of ongoing projects.

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Equity Release

This is Property Refinance Facility that allow individuals who owns properties with valid title to unlock cash in their properties .

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Home Mortgage Refinance

This product allows customers to refinance existing mortgage loan from another financial institution.

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Home Improvement

This product allows customers access to funds with the intent of fund home repairs and renovations.

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Diaspora Mortgage

This product provides an oversea cash mortgage arrangement intended for Non-Resident-Nigerians for the part-finance of purchasing a property in Nigeria.

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Land Acquisition/Micro Mortgage

The product tends to provide small funding for individuals to enable them fund the development of low-income houses.

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Home Ownership Mortgage Account

This is a savings plan with a 12-month relationship to qualify for any mortgage plan.

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Cash Backed

This is a short-term facility granted on the strength of a fixed deposit placed with the Bank.

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